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Run Towards Your Dreams!

Hi genies
The other evening I was out for a little run and it felt really good. There was a little breeze in the late summer air and the sun had just started setting. Those are the moments that I would otherwise miss out on, so sometimes you really do get rewarded just by getting yourself into your running gear and out of the door…and at home I made myself an apple-ginger shot! Love them! 😉

xx love

Morning Run

Hi genies
Lately I have been pushing myself to get up a little earlier and go for a morning run. Although it’s hard to get out of bed, lace up your shoes and start running, there’s just something about those early summer mornings…and the feeling afterwards is priceless 😉

When is your favourite time to run?

xx love

Back On Track!

Hi genies
So I don’t know if you remember this…but in a post that was published many moons ago, I told you that I have a big fitness event coming up this fall…a half marathon! And even though I’ve known this for quite a while, I haven’t really put in enough effort to become a better runner. But that is a thing of the past! I have come up with a plan that I really hope is going to work out for me.
Last week I stumbled across an interesting article stating that if you have been an inconsistent runner for a little while and have fallen off the band wagon, in order to get back into it again and start seeing some results, it is a good idea to go running for 30 minutes five times a week for a grand total of three weeks. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do!
While I struggled a little with my breathing and my legs felt really heavy, I did it and I felt so great afterwards. So that’s going to be my challenge for the next three weeks and then I’ll take it from there. For the time being I don’t measure how far or fast I run, I just focus on hitting 30 minutes on my watch and enjoying myself as much as I can.
And I have to admit, it definitely helped knowing that when I got home after my run, eggs and avocado were waiting for me!! 😉

xx love

Running Club!

Hi genies
I’ve got some news…I joined a running club! I’ve been debating on this idea for quite a while now and luckily the perfect opportunity came along and I’m finally part of the club 🙂 Knowing myself, I’m sure this will help me to be more consistent with my runs because I have to be able to keep up with the others and make progress if I want to stay with the same team!
And to be completely honest, if it’s just me on my own all the time…I kind of start slacking after a few weeks and don’t push myself hard enough, even though I really want to improve! So this is perfect for me and I’m reaaaallyyyy excited to see where this is going 😉

xx love

April Favourites

Hi genies
Here’s what I’ve been loving the past month:


Sweet Jelly Lipgloss in Moreish by Rimmel
Nail Lacquer in You’re such a Budapest by OPI
Pigment in Naked by MAC

Waves by Mr Probz
Dark Horse by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J
Wings by Birdy

30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz
Running in the woods with my dog 😉

The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker

Hope April has been as good to you as it has been to me! <3

xx love

RUNNING in the rain…

Hi genies

You wanna know a little secret? – I loooooove rain! So when I saw that it was raining today, I got extra-excited for my run…I just find it makes the whole experience so much more interesting and enjoyable and somehow you feel closer to nature and a little tougher 😉 Haha am I weird for thinking that? All I have to say is that if you’ve never tried it before you should definitely give it a go and feel it for yourself!


xx love

#PA: Month 4

Hi genies
So last month was quite successful in terms of fitness and weight loss! About a week into it, I registered for a 10K which I actually didn’t fully feel ready for but I really wanted to amp up my game. And I did it! About two years ago, I ran a half marathon and after I had accomplished that aim, I kind of let it all slip and I stopped running regularly. But now I wanted to make it part of my life again as I actually enjoy it as long as I don’t feel like I have to, but rather that I want to go running. As part of my little fitness project, I have set myself one rule that I don’t want to break – and that is to run at least once a week and so far I’ve luckily been able to stick to it, which I am proud of. Lately I’ve even been running about 3 times weekly which was nice because you can tell that there is some improvement and progress and it doesn’t feel like such a struggle every time you run a little further than ususal…:)


In terms of nutrition, I did a little experiment. I went on a “diet” to shed some pounds that didn’t seem to come off. Even though I did lose some weight and a significant amount of inches around my waist, it didn’t feel good to be on a diet. I felt tired and dizzy and constantly hungry as in addition to dieting, I was running a lot more than usual. So now I have stopped being so restrictive because I can just tell that it’s not good for me. I rather want to be healthy and lose weight slowly than to feel miserable and lethargic and end up bingeing on stuff after the diet. Because if I’m honest with you, that’s just what happens. You might shift some weight quite quickly, but as soon as you get to eat normally again and increase your meal portions, most commonly you put a lot of the weight back on…which obvioulsy isn’t part of your plan! So now I just want to use common sense and eat healthy and burn some calories by exercising. It might take longer until you get to where you want to be, but as you change your lifestyle, healthy living becomes a habit and you actually crave and prefer healthier foods to junk food that you otherwise would binge on. So just be patient! You will make it! I believe in us 🙂


xx love

Race Day!

Hi genies

Today I ran a 10K with some friends and family and it was so much fun! I love the atmosphere on race day and how cheerful everyone is. The running route went through the centre of the city which was quite exciting as normally it is packed with cars and there’s no way you can run in the middle of the streets 😉

How is your Sunday?

xx love

How To Sprint…

Hi genies
If you’re a runner you have probably heard about the benefits of sprint training. Not only does it help diminish your mileage but you also become stronger and leaner over time as you are increasing the rate of your metabolism and density of your muscles. So if you’re stuck in a rut and you aren’t seeing any progress with your current workout routine, then maybe it’s time for you to pick up the speed and spurt ahead!


To give you an idea of how you can start including sprinting into your fitness regime, here are a few methods that you could use:

The Street Light Sprint
Simply sprint from one street light to the other and then walk to the next one. Continue this
cycle until you feel like you can’t sprint at maximum speed anymore.This is a great method if
you don’t have a running watch.

The Hill Intervals
Find a steep hill that is approximately 100m long. On the way up, run as fast as you possibly
can and then walk down slowly. It is important to take a break and walk down the
hill in order to obtain the full benefits of interval training as you need to give your body
time to “calm down” again.

The 20-60 Sprint
This one is pretty straight forward. You have to sprint for a total of 20s at a time
and then walk for 60s.

The 30-20-10 Sprint
Run normally for 30s, then increase your speed for 20s and finish it off with 10s of high
intensity sprinting. Repeat this cycle for about 5min before taking a 2min break in between

The 6×30 Sprint
For this method you have to sprint with full speed for 30s and then give yourself a 3min
break so that you can give it your all when sprinting. Do this a total of 6 times.

I hope within these 5 different forms of sprint training you find one that suits you! If you aren’t a runner then you can still do sprint training for example by spinning, swimming or on the crosstrainer. Just make sure you give it all you’ve got during the sprint interval and then give your body some time to recuperate before the next spurt! (Click HERE if you want to read more about the benefits of sprinting and speed training)

xx love

Run Today Run Tomorrow…

Hi genies
Today I suddenly felt the urge to go for a run. The sun was slowly starting to set and the world was bathed in a beautiful golden light so I put on my running gear, called my dog and headed out the door. The funny thing is I went running yesterday as well which means that I normally would have rested today but no – I actually wanted to go running! And you know what? It felt amazing, I was even faster than yesterday and I enjoyed the whole run from start to finish which I don’t do often – trust me! 😉


xx love