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Make Up Artist: Linda Hallberg

Hi genies
Today I came across a Swedish makeup artist Linda Hallberg‘s blog and OH.MY.GOD.! Her makeup looks are absolutely gorgeous and her application is flawless. Just take a little look:

Amazing! I will definitely head back over to her blog when I need some inspiration 😉

xx love

Fall Beauty

Hi genies
It’s that time of the year again…summer is over and the days are slowly getting colder, darker and grey…but fear not! At the same time, you can finally whip out those gorgeous berry and plum shades that have been slumbering in your makeup cabinet over the summer.



If that’s not inspiration enough to get excited and embrace autumn, then I don’t know what is! 😉

xx love

The Many Faces of Scarlett Johansson

Hi genies
I have always really liked Scarlett Johansson’s makeup in all the commercials she has done…so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. Enjoy! 🙂



xx love

The Many Faces of Beyoncé

Hi genies
For today’s makeup inspiration post, I have created a little compilation of some of Queen B’s music video looks…hope you enjoy!


And here’s my absolute favourite!!!


Do you like her makeup looks?

xx love

Cat Eyes…

Hi genies
One of my favourite eye makeup looks just has to be a good pair of cat eyes! They are dramatic, feline and super flattering – and they certainly never go out of fashion…what more could you ask for? Whether you wanna go full on or a little more subtle, there is a variation of this look for everyone 😉



xx love

Makeup Inspiration…

Hi genies
I’ve compiled a little collection of various types of makeup looks on my desktop now that inspire me and I thought it might be time for me to share them with you…so have a little look if you’re feeling like it 😉




I looooove the dark “statement” lips paired with gorgeous luminous skin! In my opinion it really suits all skin tones and hair colours (I mean just look at those pretty ladies in the pictures!) as long as you find the right shade and texture of lipstick for you.



You can never go wrong with neutral eyeshadows, right? Simple, but always a hit and definitely something you can feel comfortable wearing in the day-time.



And last but not least here’s some colour for you! After all we’re heading towards spring and summer 😉

Hope you enjoyed these images <3

xx love