#PA Update: Month 12!!!

Hi genies
Wooooooow I just cannot believe it! 12 months have gone by since I posted THIS “little” announcement. A whole year -!! For those of you who haven’t followed me on this journey, it was basically me trying to get into better shape and becoming healthier.
To be brutally honest with you, I am not quite where I had imagined myself to be at this point in time. But I must admit, I actually am in better shape (strengths wise – not so sure about endurance hehe) than I have ever been before and I do eat a lot more healthily than I have before. Over the past year I have learnt so much from the different processes that I went through and I now know what works for me and what doesn’t which is a very valuable lesson learnt 🙂 I have now found a great passion within me for healthy foods and different forms of exercise which no one can ever take away from me.
I am satisfied with the changes I have accomplished, even if I wish I had been a little more consistent and harder on myself but oh well! Every now and then “life” happens, you slip a little and fall off the bandwagon but that’s ok, too. As long as you get right back on it of course! hehe 😉
Even though this project has now officially come to an end, I am in no way giving up on my new-found lifestyle and I will only improve over time…so watch this space 🙂 And as I’ve already mentioned last time, I still have this thing called a half marathon ahead of me next fall…oops…so I need to keep going no matter what!
xx love

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