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#PA Update: Month 11

Hi genies
Holy moly! I’m kind of excited…and kind of really sad. My last month in this project has started and I don’t feel quite ready yet…but I guess you never really do in life, right? 😉
Ok, so last month has been really good. Both nutrition- and fitness-wise. My father and I embarked on a “little” fitness challenge and we followed through! Yay! It consisted of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Body Weight excercises and most of all, running.
So remember I told you that I have a new project planned for the new year…well, that’s where I’ll have some explaining to do. The 30 Day Challenge that we did this month was called the Runners Prime and can be found HERE on the Neila Rey website.

And the reason I choose this program was because I really needed to get back into running seen as I (if everything goes as planned) am going to run my second half marathon next year in the fall. BOOM. There you have it.

That’s the new exciting and let’s just be honest, slightly terrifying, project for the months to follow after I have finished this one… Wow how time flies 🙂

xx love