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Run Towards Your Dreams!

Hi genies
The other evening I was out for a little run and it felt really good. There was a little breeze in the late summer air and the sun had just started setting. Those are the moments that I would otherwise miss out on, so sometimes you really do get rewarded just by getting yourself into your running gear and out of the door…and at home I made myself an apple-ginger shot! Love them! πŸ˜‰

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Run for your life!

Hi genies
I went on an evening run the other day and did some interval training — pheeew! Even though they’re really hard I love how effectively they improve your running!
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Morning Run

Hi genies
Lately I have been pushing myself to get up a little earlier and go for a morning run. Although it’s hard to get out of bed, lace up your shoes and start running, there’s just something about those early summer mornings…and the feeling afterwards is priceless πŸ˜‰

When is your favourite time to run?

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Monday Motivation!

Hi genies
Good morning and happy Monday! Here is some motivation to keep you going through the week:

Dream big and be yourself! Wishing you a happy week.

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Breakfast Inspiration

Hi genies
When I was younger I never really used to eat breakfast, but now it has become my favourite meal of the day! So if you’re a little stuck in a rut and don’t really know what to eat in the early AM hours, here’s some inspiration for you.

Breakfast Bowls

One of the easiest and fastest breakfasts are nutritious breakfast bowls. As a base you can use anything from yoghurt, nana ice cream to an acai bowl and as far as toppings go, you have virtually unlimited options. So just drizzle, sprinkle, slice and dice away πŸ™‚ Click HERE for more breakfast bowl ideas

Breakfast Bagel

If you like something a little more substantial, maybe after a morning workout, the breakfast bagel is a good option for you. Again, what you choose to fill your bagel with is entirely up to you. Two varieties I’d recommend are with salmon and cream cheese or avocado and scrambled eggs…Yumm!

Eggs ‘n Avocado

And of course, a classic combination that will help fill you up, is any version of eggs and a side of avocado! If this doesn’t motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, I don’t know what will… πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed!

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Back On Track!

Hi genies
So I don’t know if you remember this…but in a post that was published many moons ago, I told you that I have a big fitness event coming up this fall…a half marathon! And even though I’ve known this for quite a while, I haven’t really put in enough effort to become a better runner. But that is a thing of the past! I have come up with a plan that I really hope is going to work out for me.
Last week I stumbled across an interesting article stating that if you have been an inconsistent runner for a little while and have fallen off the band wagon, in order to get back into it again and start seeing some results, it is a good idea to go running for 30 minutes five times a week for a grand total of three weeks. And that’s exactly what I’ve decided to do!
While I struggled a little with my breathing and my legs felt really heavy, I did it and I felt so great afterwards. So that’s going to be my challenge for the next three weeks and then I’ll take it from there. For the time being I don’t measure how far or fast I run, I just focus on hitting 30 minutes on my watch and enjoying myself as much as I can.
And I have to admit, it definitely helped knowing that when I got home after my run, eggs and avocado were waiting for me!! πŸ˜‰

xx love

Running Club!

Hi genies
I’ve got some news…I joined a running club! I’ve been debating on this idea for quite a while now and luckily the perfect opportunity came along and I’m finally part of the club πŸ™‚ Knowing myself, I’m sure this will help me to be more consistent with my runs because I have to be able to keep up with the others and make progress if I want to stay with the same team!
And to be completely honest, if it’s just me on my own all the time…I kind of start slacking after a few weeks and don’t push myself hard enough, even though I really want to improve! So this is perfect for me and I’m reaaaallyyyy excited to see where this is going πŸ˜‰

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30 Day Yoga Challenge: Workout Day 15

Hi genies
Today I have decided to do a little yoga workout. Last year I completed the 30 Day Yoga Challenge by Erin Motz and every now and then I like to do one of her videos as a “workout warm-up” πŸ™‚
Today I opted for Day 15:

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50 Good Reasons To Exercise

Hi genies
Are you lacking the motivation to exercise and get your workouts done?
Well, this might help πŸ™‚ :

What do you think? Sounds pretty good to me…

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#PA Update: Month 12!!!

Hi genies
Wooooooow I just cannot believe it! 12 months have gone by since I posted THIS “little” announcement. A whole year -!! For those of you who haven’t followed me on this journey, it was basically me trying to get into better shape and becoming healthier.
To be brutally honest with you, I am not quite where I had imagined myself to be at this point in time. But I must admit, I actually am in better shape (strengths wise – not so sure about endurance hehe) than I have ever been before and I do eat a lot more healthily than I have before. Over the past year I have learnt so much from the different processes that I went through and I now know what works for me and what doesn’t which is a very valuable lesson learnt πŸ™‚ I have now found a great passion within me for healthy foods and different forms of exercise which no one can ever take away from me.
I am satisfied with the changes I have accomplished, even if I wish I had been a little more consistent and harder on myself but oh well! Every now and then “life” happens, you slip a little and fall off the bandwagon but that’s ok, too. As long as you get right back on it of course! hehe πŸ˜‰
Even though this project has now officially come to an end, I am in no way giving up on my new-found lifestyle and I will only improve over time…so watch this space πŸ™‚ And as I’ve already mentioned last time, I still have this thing called a half marathon ahead of me next fall…oops…so I need to keep going no matter what!
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