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Don’t Wait!

Hi genies
So many times people wait for the perfect moment or until they think they feel ready to do something. But both of those things are unlikely to happen, so sometimes it’s better to simply take fate into your own hands and just do it. Whatever the outcome, at least you have moved on and learnt something instead of waiting for an opportunity that may never come. So take action and live your life!

xx love

New Music: Snoh Aalegra

Hi genies
I recently discovered some new music and I thought I would share it with you! Snoh Aalegra is a Swedish singer with a Persian background who is about to live the American Dream. Her voice is amazing! It is very soulful and has some raspiness to it – and I’m telling you, the girl can move! Plus, it obviously doesn’t hurt that she looks like a gorgeous mix of Eva Mendes and Amy Winehouse 😉

xx love

Why Ginger Shots Are Worth The “Burn”

Hi genies
Something I absolutely love doing in the morning is having a shot! No, of course not that kind of shot…but a ginger shot! 🙂 Ginger is proven to be extremely beneficial to your health, and here are some of the reasons why:

-reduces pain and inflammation
-helps blood circulation
-fights nausea and motion sickness
-strengthens immune system
-prevents colds and flu
-can prevent certain forms of cancer

aaaand the list goes on and on. While I really didn’t like the burn that you can feel in your throat because of the warming sensation of ginger as a child, I’ve really come to appreciate it now, as I know how good it is for me! There are three different ways I like to enjoy my ginger drinks:

1. The easiest way is just to use your juicer. I prefer to use a small knob of the ginger root and then add the juice of one to two apples, depending on how intense you want the “burning” sensation to be. And then all there’s left to do is down it all in one gulp!

2. This method is for those of you who don’t own a juicer, but have a blender. Simply peel the amount of ginger you’re going to use, add your desired quantity of apple juice, blend it all together – and voilà!

3. And if you aren’t into the idea of strong shots at all, you can make some ginger tea. Again, peel your ginger root, slice it and boil it in water. Depending on the prefered intensity, let it simmer until it fits your taste. Let it cool a little and then sip joyfully 🙂

xx love

You CAN!

Hi genies
Go follow your dreams and always believe in yourself! Because you can do it. Don’t let life pass you by so that you end up wondering: what if? Try it, go out and do it, whatever it may be 🙂

xx love