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‘Tis the day!

Hi genies
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas with lots of love (and presents of course 😉 )


Happy Holidays!
xx love


Hi genies
Let’s go to the beach each, let’s go get away…


Yes, I know, it’s December and Christmas is right around the cornet but to me, there is just no better place than the beach! If I could I’d be there all day err’day 😉


After a long and breezy walk on the beach I came home to have some homemade pumpkin-curry soup with some bread and salad…Yumm!

What have you been up to today?

xx love

Don’t worry…BE happy

Hi genies


’cause why not?!
Have a wonderful week everyone!

xx love

Sporty Sunday…

Hi genies
This morning I rolled out of bed, put my running gear on and went for a little jog in the woods with my dog. Even though it was cold outside and I had a headache, this happy little face made it all better:

löbe ueli

And when I came home I had a lovely breakfast consisting of home-made granola on berry yoghurt, pancakes with maple syrup and some nut bread with truffle cheese…YUMM!


Now I’m relaxing and listening to my new BEYONCÉ album…It took a little while but now I really love it! Long live the Queen! 😉 If you haven’t already, it is definitely worth getting!

What are you guys up to today?

xx love


Hi genies
Today I went for a little stroll in a mall with my mummy and something sparkly caught my attention…oh là là! It just had to come home with me 😉

Butter London - Indigo Punk

Butter London – Indigo Punk

xx love


Hi genies
She did it again…Beyoncé always has some kind of surprise up her sleeve and this time it was a big one…a brand new VISUAL album!









I’m so excited that she brought out some new stuff!! I think I know what I’ll be listening to the next couple of weeks…;)

xx love

Catching Fire…

Hi genies
Yesterday evening I went to see the new Hunger Games movie…and I really enjoyed it! So much so, that I even watched the first one again today…hihi I’m even tempted to read the books just because I really want to know what happens next!



I have a lot of respect for Suzanne Collins who is the “creator” of Panem and all the stories involving it. What an imagination she has! I can’t wait for the next movie to come out…besides it being a great story it doesn’t hurt that Jennifer Lawrence is part of the cast, I like her a lot. Have you seen the movie or read the books? What do you think about it?

xx love

You’re such a Budapest!

Hi genies
I just wanted to show you my current favourite nail polish!


It is such a pretty lavender colour and it has a very very subtle sparkle to it which makes it a little more festive. Even though it isn’t your average “Holiday-Season” colour I am really liking it 🙂

xx love

Project Angel…

Hi genies
Today I have a little announcement to make which I am really excited but also a bit nervous about. For the past few years I have been trying to get into shape and lead a healthier lifestyle. However, I always seem to only stick to my goals for a short and intense period of time and then just forget all about it. I feel like I really want to change something about this and try to make working out and being healthy part of my everyday life. My main goal is not necessarily to lose weight but rather to gain strength and endurance, improve my health and feel good in my skin.


I love how I feel when I am eating well and working out and I don’t want to take my health for granted just because I am still young. So now back to my announcement – rather than doing a crash diet and really hard work outs for only a couple of months I have decided to take this journey a little slower and thereby hopefully making it stick and becoming a crucial part of my daily routine. I am embarking on an adventure that will lead me to a healthier and fitter self. I have planned this project over the duration of one entire year so that I have a lot of time to obtain -and especially maintain- my results. But why is it called Project Angel? Well, I thought the name was suitable as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs tonight and all the models are really toned and in shape so they are a great source of motivation;) haha Additonally, I wanted to start my journey already and not only in January 2014 because I want to complete this task and stick to it and I feel like so many people have the New Year’s resolution to get into shape but somehow they let it slip after only a few months and I don’t want to be one of them. And of course the fact that I have started my little experiment now should prevent me from eating too much and not “moving” enough during the Holiday Season…hehe


I have split my project into 3 month-sections where I’ll be focusing on different goals in order not to get bored and to keep my motivation. To start off with I am trying to get back into the habit of working out by completing 10 minute work outs daily and running at least once a week. This way, I’m slowly easing myself into moving my body more but I’m not “killing” my motivation by forcing myself to achieve unrealistic aims that I cannot live up to.
I’ll soon be posting about the start of my project in a little more detail but I just wanted to warn you guys in advance…;) Maybe some of you would care to join me on my journey?

Take care!

xx love

R.I.P. Madiba…

Hi genies
A truly inspiring human-being bearing nothing other than compassion, kindness and love in his heart has left our world. I want to thank him for having made the world a better place and for showing us that anything is possible. May you rest in peace Nelson Mandela.


xx love