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The 30 Day Snap

Hey everyone 🙂
I have decided to challenge myself this June…even though that month already offers me loads of challenges, I feel like this is one worth facing…it’s the 30 Day Snap Challenge.

I am going to take a picture every day during the month of June and post it here…If you feel up for this challenge as well, you are more than welcome to do so!! This little dare has been thought of by the gorgeous Sprinkle of Glitter. If you don’t already know her, make sure to pay her lovely blog a visit or take a peek at her videos on youtube. She mostly focuses on beauty and fashion but also invites us to see a bit more of her personal life every now and then…

Now back to the challenge: it serves mainly to become more aware of the good things in life…size doesn’t matter 😉 so whether it be something small or huge, you decide! As long as it brightens up your day – it’s all good! So, feel free to join!

xx love


Hi guys



As you may be able to tell from the picture…I have been to California the past two weeks. It was absolutely amazing and such a cool experience. Even though the weather wasn’t always on our side, my spring break was very enjoyable nonetheless…I just want to tell you that if you get the opportunity to go to the sunny state of California – take it! It’s totally awesome, dude ;P Not only is the landscape breathtakingly beautiful and impressive, but the people are really nice and friendly.

We went to L.A. by plane and then rented a car to drive up along the cost. We visited Santa Barbara, Monterey and San Francisco before we took the plane down south to San Diego and Santa Monica. On the trip you get to see loads of cute seals and the spectacular nature of the American West cost – so if you have the time, it’s really nice to be able to drive and stop wherever you want to. In addition to contemplating the landscape, of course we also went to see big cities such as L.A. and San Francisco. They are very different to each other, but both are worthwhile having a little look at 😉

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

The Grove - L.A.

The Grove – L.A.

So now I’m back home and back to reality…but I really hope that one day I’ll get to go again, until then I’ll be CALIFORNIA DREAMING…<3 Have you been to Cali? What did you think of it?

See ya!

Thanks for reading!